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Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)

SVI provided digitization services for the SEC to manage voluminous documents, replace a crashed software application, and create an Enterprise Data Warehouse customized for SEC's requirements.


SVI migrated data, performed consistency checks, and provided quick access and retrieval through the Online Document Retrieval System (ODRS) with over 150 million pages of corporate documents. The ODRS is used for hard copy and electronic retrieval and made available only to authorized SEC users, serving as the most complete source of Philippine corporate data.


  • Volume: 4 Million pages

  • Period Covered: Apr 2019 - Nov 2019


  • Components: Online Document Retrieval System

  • Period Covered: Ongoing

Software Implementation

  • Date: Jan 2019

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) needed a vendor to provide digitization services to process the voluminous documents received by the commission on an annual basis. SVI provided the equipment and manpower to help the Securities and Exchange Commission manage the submitted audited financial statements general information sheets for loading into the Online Document Retrieval System of SEC.

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