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Philippine Heart Center (PHC)


  • Volume: 3.9 Million pages

  • Period Covered: 3 Months


  • Components: 1 Server, 3 Scanners, 3 Workstations


  • Components: Enterprise Data Warehouse

  • Period Covered: 1 Year

Digitization Implementation

  • Date: Oct 2022

SVI digitized patient records at the Philippine Heart Center, enabling easier access to medical histories for both doctors and patients. The enterprise data warehouse (EDW) provided by SVI is accessed by 30 PHC users. Scanning equipment and workstations were also provided as part of the contract, allowing the Records Department to maintain the process moving.

SVI recently won bids for the digitization of hospital records for two government owned and operated healthcare institutions. The result of our work facilitates the management of cases for both doctors and patients as medical histories can be referred to much easier than having to manually search volumes of physical documents.


SVI performed the digitization of approximately 3,900,000 pages of patient records at the Philippine Heart Center in Quezon City. Due to unique circumstances, the job was required to be completed in just two (2) months.


We also provided our enterprise data warehouse (EDW) that will be accessed by thirty (30) PHC users. Also part of the contract was to provide scanning equipment and workstations so that the PHC Records Department could maintain the process on a moving forward basis.

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