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Governance text

Regulatory Compliance

Digitizing records helps financial institutions comply with stringent regulations by ensuring data accuracy, security, and accessibility.

Improved Operational Efficiency

Digital records enable quick search, retrieval, and sharing of information, streamlining processes and increasing overall efficiency.

Data Analytics

Digitized records allow for advanced data analytics and insights, enabling financial institutions to make data-driven decisions and improve business performance.

Enhanced Security

Digital records can be encrypted, backed up, and protected with access controls, reducing the risk of data breaches and unauthorized access.

Better Customer Service

With digitized records, financial institutions can provide faster, more personalized service to customers, enhancing their overall experience.

How SVI can help

Digitization of records

(residents / households)

Know your constituents to be able to offer programs and services based on their needs

Biometric registration

of residents

Register the facial biometric data of the residents so as to facilitate authentication whenever they avail of the services and programs of the government agency or local government unit

Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW)

Store and consolidate the records of the residents or constituents in a cloud-based digital repository that will serves are the single

source of truth

Mobile Inspections

Inspect fast and efficiently by using a mobile app that captures data, supporting documents, and recordings backed with timestamps and geotags

Person and address


Verify if the person is actually residing in the provided address

Digitization of

departmental records

Scan onsite, index remotely, and consolidate the department records into an EDW for faster access and retrieval

Dashboard and

reports generation

Creation of dashboards to provide a comprehensive view of the status of the constituents residing within the area of jurisdiction of local chief executive

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