Taking the Lead in Continuous Service Improvements, DILG Makes the Timely Shift to Digitization

The Challenge
The Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG) is the executive department of the Philippine Government that is mandated to promote peace and order, ensure public safety, and further strengthen local government capability. DILG produces, receives, and archives huge quantities of documents, files, and correspondences in its daily operations. DILG previously managed these files using paper-based records. As such, the records are prone to damages from accidents and disasters. Moreover, the physically stored files are harder to search for and transmit, while being prone to misuse or tampering by untrained or unauthorized personnel.

The Solution
To improve its internal administrative systems and processes, DILG pursued the initiative of digitizing its documents. This paved the way for DILG to engage the services of SVI to digitize the employee 201 files and categorize the personal data sheets of barangay officials.

SVI converted paper-based records and unclassified documents of its employees and barangay officials to a legible digital format for the purpose of making day-to-day retrieval faster and easier and preserving the archives in an electronic repository. SVI captured the indices and classified the document types before uploading to SVI’s proprietary HR information system called H-Files, provided to DILG on a subscription basis. SVI completed the indices defined by DILG for uploading the records into H-Files, so that the digitized documents will be systematically indexed, organized, and classified, making them easily searchable. SVI used its workflow management tool to monitor document progress and personnel performance. This approach enabled SVI to apply corrective tweaks and resolve any bottleneck in processing, while ensuring that all documents are accounted for.

Business Results and Benefits
With the help of SVI’s digitization and H-Files, DILG was able to improve integrity, accessibility, and security of records. The aspect of document security is significantly improved since only authorized users can retrieve the files, preventing tampering and misuse of the documents. With the digital records being readily available and retrievable, DILG has improved its business continuity. With its employee and barangay official records efficiently managed, the DILG was able to focus on its mandate of maintaining peace and order while empowering the local government units for the effective delivery of basic services to the citizenry.