Seamless Union of Retail Goods and Metadata

The Challenge
The largest provider of e-commerce and e-marketing solutions to the grocery and consumer packaged goods industries in the U.S wanted to outsource the processing of weekly discount coupons (circulars) for its grocery chain clientele.

The Solution
SVI processes all the raw circular files and makes the data ready for online publication on the client’s applications. SVI produces the images and metadata that each of the grocery stores are going to be promoting on a weekly basis. SVI processes over 2.5 million circulars per month from 60 different retailers within a 24-hour turnaround time. SVI is also processing all the product labels of all the items sold in the groceries.

Business Results and Benefits
The company is able to focus on its core operations and save up on the cost for the manpower complement and overhead needed for the processing of its weekly discount coupons.