Major Freight Transportation Company Taps SVI to Support Its EDI System

This client is a $15 billion American multinational freight and logistics company. Like many transportation companies, this company uses electronic data interchange (EDI) to facilitate the exchange of freight information using industry standards such as X12, EDIFACT, and others.

When the client’s long-time mainframe developers started to retire from the company, their knowledge of the core EDI system went out the door as well. Documentation was inadequate. Thus, troubleshooting became more challenging and sometimes caused downtime that severely impacted the business.

The client solved this problem by offloading most of its daily support processes to SVI, such as management of the EDI inbox, resend requests, EDI partner set-ups, Gentran maintenance, as well as legacy development, maintenance, and support. This transition allowed the client’s in-house staff to focus on the EDI transformation project, a major initiative that would replace the current mainframe system with a highly advanced EDI platform.

Client’s Senior Analyst: “We routed business issues to SVI and had SVI provide a technical solution. We’ve been able to produce COBOL routines in support of EDI customer requirements without the need of an in-house technical analyst to fill that role. Moreover, SVI provided off-hours production support.”

SVI now provides 24×7 coverage for EDI. Nighttime coverage is easier to do with SVI’s help because of its offshore development center in the Philippines where daytime working hours are nighttime in the U.S. The time zone difference becomes an advantage as the client’s U.S. workers do not need to go on “graveyard shift,” because an SVI technical team is wide awake on the other side of the globe.

In-house staff is now able to concentrate on customer service, responding to customer requests more quickly, and increasing customer satisfaction. They can depend on SVI to research and resolve any problems with their legacy EDI system.

The client selected SVI to support its EDI work because of SVI’s success in supporting their other mainframe applications for many years. SVI onsite analysts back-filled in-house subject matter experts who had retired after many years of supporting EDI. The client eventually expanded SVI’s presence by adopting SVI’s onsite-offshore methodology — rotating people, cross-training a large pool of programmers, adopting flexible scheduling, and continuously learning.