Leading International Airline Engages SVI to Streamline Training

For more than a decade, SVI worked with one of the five leading international airlines to provide them with production support, systems enhancement and development, and systems conversion. SVI’s initial efforts involved the Y2K conversion of the airlines’ Crew Management System. Not long after, the engagement was expanded to application support and maintenance. Other applications followed, including passenger revenue accounting, payroll, marketing systems, and cargo.

Most recently, the airline needed to streamline the planning and scheduling of pilot training. It worked with SVI developers to build a Pilot Training Scheduling and Monitoring System to do this. The programs focused on three major components: pilot-students, flight simulators, and instructors. Scheduling of training is done from the perspective of each component. Pilots view their curriculum based on the aircraft they specialize in. They schedule their classes manually or allow the application to automatically assign training modules they need to go through. Training managers use the system to optimize the use of resources such as flight simulators and instructors.

The application is written in Java, Google Web Toolkit, Enterprise JavaBean, iBATIS, and Oracle Database. It is deployed in an IBM WebSphere Application Server 7.0 environment and it uses Actuate for reporting purposes.