DSWD Secures Its Vital Records Through SVI’s Digitization Service and Document Management Solution

The Challenge
The Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) is the government agency that is mandated to develop, administer, and implement comprehensive social welfare programs for championing the rights of the Filipino people and promoting social development. In the performance of its mandate, the DSWD has to manage a high volume of administrative, financial, legal, personnel, and social services records. These records are being referred to as the permanent and valuable records of DSWD as they are critical to its day-to-day operations.

DSWD Field Offices previously used paper-based filing systems for managing its vital records. The major problems when working with paper documents are the difficulty to search and retrieve the documents, and the risk of misfiling, loss, and damage of the documents. There is also the problem of where to store these documents and how to secure them against unauthorized access and natural disasters.
DSWD contracted SVI for the digitization of 7,000,000 documents and the provision of a document management system in seven of its regional offices nationwide.

The Solution
SVI provided the services required for the digitization of DSWD’s paper-based vital records. SVI brought in a seamless combination of competent manpower, streamlined processes and methodologies, and a proven set of tools aimed at realizing the successful completion of the digitization project.
SVI’s Six SIgma process for converting paper documents into digital files ensures that the only error-free outputs will be loaded to the document management system. The scanned images are checked for proper orientation, alignment, and image quality. Seasoned SVI encoders extract the required index fields from these images; then the indices are subjected to encoding quality assurance review to ensure that the indices are accurate. The outputs are then loaded to the document management system that empowers the DSWD personnel to view and retrieve the digitized documents.

Business Results and Benefits
Through SVI’s ongoing digitization service, the vital records of DSWD are now easier to store and retrieve, in addition to being more secure in terms of user access. The aspect of document preservation is also improved, prolonging the useful life of these records. Since the records are stored as digital files, DSWD Field Offices are able to save up valuable office space, with the added advantage of securing the records against the damage brought about by disasters or calamities.