Clutter-free Database, Successful Retail Store

The Challenge

An e-commerce company that sells furniture and home items contracted SVI to maintain an online product database for its online retail store, which offers 14 million items from more than 11,000 global suppliers. Because of the diversity of the products sold, the client and SVI had to train specific teams to focus on the different product categories. Each product category team had to become experts in their area.

The Solution

An SVI personnel assigned in the lighting team had to know all the different types of lighting fixtures – ceiling lighting, wall lighting, outdoor lighting, track lighting, under cabinet lighting, etc. SVI had to be able to categorize and describe the unique qualities of each item of every manufacturer that the client was working with. SVI also had to include the shipping options and the pricing for each product. Photos of the items also had to be processed properly so that it would conform to the system requirements of the company. SVI deployed several teams to focus on the product addition and maintenance work for the following product categories – plumbing fixtures, case good furniture items, and kids’ items.

Business Results and Benefits

The client is able to ensure the integrity of the records stored in its database, enabling the more productive use of information to guide its existing customers and prospects.