LGU Solution Suite

With SVI’s expertise in document management, the LGU solution suite ensures that all the records related to the various services are managed effectively in terms of searchability, accessibility, and availability for subsequent processing.

This service is aimed at helping LGUs especially its business permit issuing office to streamline the processes for business registration and compliance monitoring by making use of technologies for document conversion, document compliance verification, workflow management, and global filing of electronic records.

This service is designed for the management of environmental clearances and permits to ensure that the businesses have secured the necessary permits and are compliant to the environmental rules and regulations.

This service is aimed at ensuring that the lands are properly registered before actual use and that the businesses using these lands are compliant to the guidelines set for land use.

This service is designed to help LGUs streamline the processes of providing administrative services to the residents.

This service is aimed at facilitating the job search and application processes for the job seekers. From the process of sending applications and other credentials, to scheduling for exams and interviews, and to hiring and onboarding, JOBNET provides comprehensive service for everything job related.

This service is aimed at helping LGUs in cooperation with the social welfare department to streamline the processes for extending social welfare services to the vulnerable and less privileged members of the society.

This service is designed to help LGUs in cooperation with reformatory and correctional facilities to assist in the reintegration of children in conflict with the law (CICL) and persons deprived of liberty (PDL) back into the society.