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Let SVI handle the digitization (scanning and indexing) of your historical paper-based documents.

SVI will index the digital copies and within 8 to 24 hours, expect your data to be stored in the EDW alongside the digital copies.

Moving Forward

SVI can provide scanning equipment and also mobile application for data capture of moving-forward documents.


By equipping your frontline personnel with scanning equipment,  they can scan the paper-based records generated during transactions. SVI will do the indexing.

Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW)

EDW serves as the backbone of data management, providing a unified repository for structured and unstructured data from diverse sources.



Harness the power of EDW to break down data silos, optimize resource allocation, and unlock the full potential of your data assets.


Ensure peace of mind with our CrossCheck service. We check for accuracy, completeness, and compliance so as to ensure the usability of the documents that you store in your digital repository or EDW.

Document Warehousing

Worry no more about the paper-based records that you want to keep after digitization.


SVI offers document warehousing service that allows locational tracking of the physical document using its digital counterpart stored in EDW.

Provision of Network Connectivity

SVI can also provide you with redundant network connectivity to ensure your system is always up and running.

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