Digital Platform Solutions


Reach more customers by making the applications and service requests easy and convenient.

In this highly competitive environment, businesses are trying to come up with new products and services to sway potential customers. But with the worsening traffic conditions, people often do not have the time and patience to brave the heavy traffic and wait in long queues just to avail these services. Time is money, so the people are looking for ways to save up on time as they process their applications or avail the new products or services offered by businesses.

Looking to improve upon this situation, SVI makes it convenient for the customers to register online and avail the services not only from private businesses but related government agencies as well. Online application saves up the time and effort of having to visit the physical branches to apply for a service and check the status of the application. SMS or email alerts can be automatically generated and sent to the customers to inform them if there are issues to be resolved or if their request to a particular service has been approved by the business.