National Government

Our solutions and services for the national government agencies (NGA) streamline processes, helps mitigate risk, and the best part of it — it’s easy to use. SVI believes that relevant information should be readily accessible to government leaders so they can easily manage their jurisdiction while delivering value-added services to their constituents.




  • Compliance with citizen’s charter and other government regulations
  • Increased operational efficiency
  • Enhanced citizen experience
  • Variabilization of fixed costs

Our Solutions and Services

Input Processing Services

  • Digitization of Corporate Records
  • Digitization of Transaction Records
  • Digitization of Contracts
  • Digitization of HR Records
  • Digitization of Accounting Records
  • Other Digitization Services

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Data Management Services

  • Data Cleanup
  • Document Archiving

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Compliance and Internal Processing Solutions and Services

  • CrossCheck

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Digital Platform Solutions

  • Online Applications Platform

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Document Management Applications

  • H-Files
  • Accounting Tool
  • Cosentio
  • Other Document Management Applications

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Field Solutions and Services

  • Person/Address Verification
  • Property Inspection

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Delivery Services

  • Critical Pickup/Delivery

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