Internal Processing Solutions and Services

Fast track service delivery and maintain integrity of records by ensuring that the forms and other important records are complete, consistent, and compliant with business rules and policies.


While it mainly deals with items and cargoes, the logistics providers have to manage a high volume of paperwork that goes with such items. SVI developed a proprietary application called CrossCheck to help the logistics companies streamline and automate the processes for digitizing, verifying, and reviewing their dock receipts, bill of lading, and other logistics-related documents.

Once inputs are accurately and completely processed through SVI’s digitization service, CrossCheck’s internal modules can be implemented for further processing and usage of data, including automated verification of the 3Cs – completeness, consistency, and compliance. CrossCheck automatically verifies document and data completeness, data consistency, and the overall compliance with the business rules, eliminating manual checking by their personnel, freeing up so much of their time, and ensuring 100% accuracy of findings.
Take for example the processing of bill of lading documents The processing involves not only the scanning and encoding of forms, but also the automated verification of completeness, consistency, and compliance of the information provided in the supporting documents, so the system can automatically filter which applications are eligible to proceed to the next step. There is also a web-based facility to view and regularize the exceptions or the incomplete, inconsistent, and non-compliant transactions.

The tools and methodologies used are also readily implementable for internal corporate documents such as employee records, accounting records, and vendor contracts, or other types of customer records. By outsourcing and automating the processing of documents, logistics providers can achieve increased operational efficiency, faster processing time, and ultimately, better customer experience – all of these without having to incur additional capital investments and fixed costs. We grow when you grow, so expect that we will always do our work in the best of your interest.


Address Standardization

SVI organizes the addresses handled by the logistics company into a pre-defined format, populating fields and correcting certain fields (such as zip codes) to maintain a standardized address database. Such service facilitates a faster processing of documents and makes deliveries easier and faster.