Data Management Services

Make your digitized records more useful with easily searchable and accurate data.

Data Cleanup

Since the traditional practice is to have frontliners and core personnel do data entry work, it is inevitable for companies to have inaccurate data in its databases and systems. This is understandable as they are not trained to do data entry work and they usually do this while face-to-face with customers or during overtime when they are already exhausted after working a full day and they just want to go home.

Depending on the current state and availability of documents and information, SVI can perform portions of its digitization service and implement validation and verification tools in order to determine and correct the errors in the current database of the client.

Document Archiving

Not all documents are used in day-to-day operations. While SVI promotes the use of the cloud for documents that must be readily available for day-to-day fast retrieval, documents that belong to the other end of the spectrum can be stored on local servers as retrieval of these documents does not require a fast response time. This is a hybrid set up wherein newly processed documents are stored in the cloud, and then archived and stored in local servers after such time defined by the client.

Some companies still have old documents that are yet to be digitized. SVI can perform digitization work on these documents, then archive them to a local Document Management System.

However, for all types of documents, SVI encourages that a backup must be stored in the cloud. A local server backup is not spared from fire, earthquake, or other natural calamities.