Local Government Unit (LGU)

Our LGU solution streamlines your processes, helps you mitigate risk, and the best part of it — it’s easy to use. SVI believes that relevant information should be readily accessible to the local government leaders so they can easily manage their jurisdiction while delivering value added services to their constituents.


  • Compliance with citizen’s charter and other government regulations
  • Increased operational efficiency
  • Enhanced citizen experience
  • Variabilization of fixed costs

Our Solutions and Services

Input Processing Services

  • Digitization of Citizen Records
  • Digitization of Corporate Records
  • Digitization of Corporate Records
  • Digitization of Contracts
  • Digitization of HR Records
  • Digitization of Accounting Records
  • Other Digitization Services

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Data Management Services

  • Data Cleanup
  • Document Archiving

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Compliance and Internal Processing Solutions and Services

  • CrossCheck
  • Business Permit Application Processing

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Digital Platform Solutions

  • Online Applications Platform

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Document Management Applications

  • H-Files
  • Accounting Tool
  • Cosentio
  • Other Document Management Applications

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Field Solutions and Services

  • Person/Address Verification
  • Property Inspection

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Delivery Services

  • Critical Pickup/Delivery

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LGU Solution Suite

  • iPermit
  • enProtect
  • eLand
  • AdminServ
  • iWelfare
  • iReform

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