Document Management Applications

Delivering tailor-fit document management applications based on client-specific requirements, ready for integration with the client’s existing applications and infrastructure.



Tasked with managing the company’s most valuable resources, the HR department often deals with an overwhelming amount of information and documents. To address this problem, HR departments need a cost-effective document management solution that can streamline the HR work processes, thus enabling them to focus on their primary functions. From employee onboarding to career development, H-Files helps streamline the processes for monitoring and managing employees and HR-related records.

Accounting Tool

The handling of accounting records is a crucial part of any business. The accounting books serve as one of the primary guides of management in developing and implementing business strategies. SVI’s Accounting Tool ensures that all A/P and A/R transactions are accurately accounted for and with complete supporting documents.


Entering into agreements with customers, partners, employees, and other organizations is an integral part of any business. Mismanagement of these files often lead to the failure in ensuring that all subsequent transactions are compliant with the terms and conditions of each contract. Taking this into consideration, SVI developed COSENTIO, a web-based application that revolutionizes contract management by capturing the contract data and storing them in a database for easy tracking and retrieval. COSENTIO generates a coversheet that contains all the relevant information of the selected contract. This coversheet is linked to the scanned copy of the corresponding documents. COSENTIO organizes the contract documents based on the classification requirements of the client.

Other Document Management Applications

What makes a document management application a cut above your traditional document management systems? By adding an application layer, the usability goes beyond the traditional filing and retrieval of information and documents. For instance, an HR document management system enables you to upload, view, and retrieve employee records. But by adding an application layer to it, H-Files allows your employees to file their leave requests in the web app and a pre-defined workflow is followed for the electronic approval of the request. Time and attendance and payroll processing can also easily be linked to H-Files for inputs. A document management application is easily implementable for other types of documents, including customer records and corporate documents, among others.