Digital Platform Solutions

Reach more clients by making the applications and service requests easy and convenient.

Online Application Platform

In the modern-day banking landscape, banks are constantly developing new services so as to attract more customers and facilitate expansion. But with the worsening traffic conditions and busier lifestyles, customers often do not have the time and patience to brave the heavy traffic and wait in long queues just to avail these products and services. Time is money, so the customers are looking for ways to save up on time as they submit applications or make service requests.

SVI helps banks expand their customer base by providing online platforms that are easy to use and widely accessible. SVI basically takes out the inconvenience of having to visit the physical branches to apply for a service or call customer service hotline to check the status of an application. SVI can even send SMS or email alerts to the clients to automatically notify them if there are issues to be resolved or if their application to a particular banking service has been approved by the bank.

Self-Service Kiosks

While we recognize that there is an ongoing shift to digital banking, we also acknowledge that there are still transactions that need to be done in a branch and there are still people who prefer to transact face-to-face with tellers. To provide more convenience and ease of banking to this group of customers, SVI has self-service kiosks and various applications to be used for filing submissions/applications/requests and queueing. This minimizes the use of paper-based forms and speeds up the face-to-face interaction of the customer with the branch frontliners.